Wolof. [je-kka], n.
(1) to be beautiful or elegant,
(2) to be well-dressed
Inspired by you.
The word is taken from the Wolof language, which is a language spoken by over 10 million people in West Africa, mainly in Senegal and Gambia. 
Founded in the multicultural spring of Camden Town in London, JEKKAH began as a modest market stall in back in 2013. Now we’re able to expand our reach to underground scene across the globe. It was the founders mission to brighten the landscape with the unapologetic boldness of colours and prints from the home continent.
JEKKAH continues this mission by creating space to spotlight the wealth that Africans across the diaspora are bringing to the global table. All our
garments are produced in Gambia & Ghana by trusted tailors and our wax prints are sourced and brought from local merchants, keeping our supply chain and economy within the community. 



Every item by JEKKAH will be Limited Edition, as we will make only a small quantity in each fabric design. We do not restock prints. So when you buy a garment from us, you're sure there won't be anyone else around who stands out the way you do. 

We carry out extensive market research to gather the perfect fit and popular designs for all of our products and we think that there is nothing like it around. Whether you want to chill at home, head to a festival or pound the streets in our clothing and accessories – we guarantee you will find a place in your life for something by JEKKAH.